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Vital-Recall focuses on clear & accurate communication before, during and after a medical or trauma call.

With this in mind and years of experience and feedback from EMTs, Paramedics, and ER Physicians, we offer the Pre-hospital Care Provider a wide range of charts, reference placards and ‘Cheat’ sheets.

We also custom design graphic elements you may need for your ambulance or rescue rig.

All pocket reference cards are made from durable 30 mil. Sani-Plastic (Full-color front and back for easy reading years of service)

Perfect for: 

Quick reference,

 Report writing & Training

EMT Pocket Reference Cards, Reusable Pocket PCRs and EMT Training Materials.





2 PT Assess. Charts ..... $10.53

2 VR EMT-B Sheets ..... $10.53

2 VR Reusable Pocket PCRs

(2 identical cards) ........$13.57

                EMT Dual Pocket guide

(2 separate cards) ..........$10.53

(now with a FREE

retractable key lanyard!)

Patient Assessment Trauma Training Sheet 

 Patient Assessment Medical Training Sheet 

Erasing the Reusable Compact PCR.jpg
Vital-Recall Compact Reusable Pack with marker and wipes.jpg




but won't smear!

Vital-Recall Compact Reusable Pocket PCR 

(2 Identical PCR cards with retractor lanyard) (Includes 1 retractable marker pen & 10 alcohol wipes)

Compact PT Assess Card pack with retractor front and back.jpg
Compact EMT B Card pack without retractor front and back.jpg


Vital-Recall EMT Dual Pocket Guide  (2 Separate cards with retractor lanyard)

Vital-Recall EMT-B Compact back pocket in use.jpg
Compact PT Assess Card pack with retractor front and back.jpg

Vital-Recall EMT PT Assessment Pocket Cards

(2 identical assessment cards with retractor lanyard)

Vital-Recall Compact Triple Pack with marked and wipes.jpg

Perfect for New

Compact EMT Triple Pocket Pack 

The Ultimate EMT Assessment Tool


1 Reusable self-guided PCR card

1 EMT B Pocket Guide card (SOAP)

1 EMT Self-guided PT Assessment card

  (Stroke & Sepsis criteria on back)

1 Belt loop retractor lanyard 

1 Retractable marker pen (no smudge)

10 Large alcohol wipes

Vital-Recall Triple Compact Shirt pocket in use.jpg

Pocket-PCRs, Student Packs & CODE forms

Perfect for: 

All Calls, Transports, Transfers & CODEs

The only ‘pocket sized’, self-guided, complete rapid fill Pre-PCR on the market.


The ability to capture 100% of Dispatch, Chief complaint, Patient Vitals, Patient History, Medications, SAMPLE Info, Pain info, Treatments and Trauma locations.


Large and logical form fields, which are easy to write in and easy to read, color coordinated and logical for HEAR reports.


Allows the Responder to transfer info to Hospital or other care providers instantly

under the HIPAA guidelines.


Responder retains a complete record of the call. 


Excellent for multi-call days, Responder can move on to the next call immediately without having to do paper work until end of day.


Economical and easy to use.


A complete capture of all call information from the minute of dispatch to the transfer of care.   (5.5" x 8.5" Full color front and back - sold in packs of 100 with a free memo clipboard)

Vital Recall Complete Pocket PCR front.j

the call


              Complete Pocket                                 Complete Pocket                               PCR Form Front                                  PCR Form Back                                                                                

Extended Transport

       NCR 2 part PCR         

First Responder Student Training Pack Full Display 7_29_21.png

The Complete EMT Student Training Pack

The First Responder Student Training Pack was designed specifically for student EMRs, EMTs, and First Responders.

The pack includes: 30 Complete Pocket EMT Pre-PCR forms, 4 Trauma & Medical Assessment Training Sheets,

10 Tactical Triage Stickers (Water Proof & Repositionable).

The World's Smallest PCR Call Report  -  Just 4.5" x 6.75"

Vital-Recall New Mini PCR Combo Pic for
New Mini PCR pulling from Front pants po
New Mini PCR in Breast Pocket flat 6_28_

Vital-Recall Mini Pocket PCR (Only 4.5” x 6.75.”) Ultra-compact

Fits in most pockets and has large self-guided form fields

    Keep the CODE team on Track.


    Single heavyweight sheet

    (foldable to 5.5" x 8.5")


    Full color (Self Guided)

    Documents: Times, Rhythms,

    Compressions, Defibrillation,

    IV access,  Advanced airway, 

    Pharmacology and H’s & T’s.


    Follows the AHA guidelines


    Fits in a standard cargo pocket


    Dispatch & transport Info


    Full outcome narrative on back


The 'On Scene' CODE Form Complete to AHA standards

On Scene CODE Form (8.5" x 11")                   On Scene CODE Form (8.5" x 11")

                     Front                                                                 Back

This simple easy to use, water-resistant arm sticker makes the unsanitary practice of “Glove Scripting” a thing of the past. The Tactical Triage sticker allows you to have both hands free when dealing with patients and equipment. They are easily transferable to clothes and clipboards and most of all, give the peace of mind that all vitals are being recorded clearly, no matter how chaotic the scene.

2" x 3.5" (Easy-peel )

Tactical Triage Sticker

Perfect for:

Active Shooter,

MCI incidents & Triage 

25 VR Stickers..............  $12.22

50 VR Stickers..............  $17.38

100 VR Stickers..............  $29.63

Tactical Triage Sticker           

  • Easy to apply & reposition

  • Water resistant & smear-proof

  • Sticks to skin, clothes & walls

  • Disposable 

Perfect for:

First Responders Paramedics

Fire/Rescue Crews

Tactical EMS Providers SWAT Medics

Cert Teams

Remote Medical Teams Flight Medics

Military Operators

Mass Casualty Incidents

Advanced EMS students

Trauma Casualty Care Card

The defining factor of all Vital-Recall products is their ability to ‘self-guide’ the caregiver under extreme conditions. This ensures that they remember their care and safety protocols. It provides an effective way to transfer patient assessment/treatment data to the next caregiver. 

We have designed this ‘hybrid’ Trauma Casualty Care Card to replicate the already familiar DD1380 TCCC/ MIST forms used by our warfighters. After years of input and feedback from field operators, we have refined this Trauma Casualty Care Card to be the most complete, easy to use, and versatile patient assessment tool on the market.

Our mission is to provide exceptional assessment tools for pre-hospital care providers, fire departments, and law enforcement agencies nationwide.

5.5" x 8.5" (folds to 5.5" x 4.25" )

Vital-Recall Trauma Casualty Care Card is a hybrid MIST - TCCC - Medevac - Triage - PCR form



Printed in full color on EndurACE 10pt UV protected Polymer sheets, with rounded no-catch corners. You cannot tear these!

Waterproof, tearproof, flexible, foldable (4.25” x 5.5” pocket-sized), and smudge resistant

Able to be written on by pencil, ballpoint pen, and a sharpie marker, even while wet

Package includes fifteen (15) X-treme stretch 7” latex-free, EPDM bands for rapid attachment.

The form has standard run report fields (time, date, call #, unit #, location, patient Info, and allergies) 

Completely self-guided MOI (mechanism of Injury) chart

Color-coded self-guided Triage / Trauma protocol flow data fields - to keep you on track.

Rapid assessment body diagrams for injury locations and treatments

Five sets of vital sign collection fields to ensure baseline and trending documentation

Includes evacuation priority status, transport method and patient disposition (name of care facility)

Self-guided CAB treatment and Fluid/ Blood Product intervention section

Med / Analgesic administration and management record chart

Wide-spaced lines for scripting clear narrative notes


Trauma Casualty Card card Front solo.jpg

Trauma Casualty Card Card 

         (5.5" x 8.5")   Front                                                              

Trauma Casualty Card card Back solo.jpg

Trauma Casualty Card Card 

        (5.5" x 8.5")   Back                                                              

  Vital-Recall Trauma Casualty Care Card Package:

15 TCCC Cards, 15 EPDM bands &

1 Hyper-flex Sani-plastic clipboard and free shipping!

Trauma Casualty Care Card Package with C

$18.00 Free Shipping

Starter Packs 

Test out our starter packs! This package includes 10 full color, heavy stock Pre-PCRs, 4 Vital-Recall Tactical water proof arm stickers & the pocket clipboard (5.5" x 8.5"). We're sure once you see how easy and intuitive these are to use, you'll be ordering more. 


Perfect for:

Understanding the ease of the Vital-Recall Scripting system.

Small, convenient and intuitive

It will
get you through EMT

The fastest, most accurate way to collect vitals....period!

Vital-Recall Starter Pack

10 Full-color Self-guided PCRs,

4 Tactical stickers plus 1 memo Clipboard

(Always Free Shipping)  Only $14.00

Vital-Recall XL Starter Pack

20 Full-color Self-guided PCRs,

8 Tactical stickers plus 1 memo Clipboard

(Always Free Shipping)  Only $17.31


for your first calls

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