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Welcome to Vital-Recall, the only EMS dedicated design studio in the nation.


As much as we try to clarify our product line and services, it’s not always possible to answer all topics, invariably there will be questions. We’re here to help, ask away!.

So if we haven’t covered it in the answers below, just contact us and we’ll respond within hours.


                      Here are some commonly asked questions:

What are your prices for large quantities of forms and Pre-PCRs?


The discounts for large orders (500 plus) are substantial, in fact so much so that we cannot print them here.

We offer direct shipping from our four printing locations through out the U.S. This translates to huge shipping cost reductions, faster turn times and seriously discounted prices. Call us, tell us what you are looking for in the way of product and quantity. You’ll be smiling!


How durable are the Vital-Info stickers?


The Vital-Info stickers are printed on a matt finish hybrid polymer paper, its water proof, yet easy to write on. The adhesive is a repositionable, high tack with zero residue. They will last the length of the call with multiple repositioning, both on skin and clothes. They are an invaluable tool when you have your hands occupied with saving lives.


We would like to make changes on some of the Pre-PCRs and forms to suit our needs. 


We certainly can make modifications to these forms. Keep in mind that these will be custom ordered so the cost may go up. Our suggestion is buy more than 250 and you’ll be pleased with the prices.

We provide digital PDF proofs on all custom work. Once you have approved it, we print and ship right to your door!


My agency needs new forms, I don’t see what we need on your site!


Luckily we have an archive of forms that is quite extensive, so much so that we don’t have room on the site to list and display them all. However, let us know what you are looking for and what State you are in, we will pull the appropriate form, use your agency branding, address and pertinent information and make it all yours, we will even send you a proof to double check!


We currently have a website, but we want to update it ourselves.


Websites can be the most frustrating yet the most used tools in the EMS community. We use them for internet presence, community information, training schedules, class schedules, employment and contact info.

Our suggestion to you is to use a program like that will allow your staff all the flexibility to make changes and updates. We offer a service that takes your current website and it’s content and we redesign it using HTML5...Simply put you will have control from here on out....If you can use MS word, you can master, it’s that simple. Call us, we’ll convince you!



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