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Services - Design, Layout, Photography, Printing, Websites, Logos & Promotions

Vital-Recall does it all


Well almost. Vital-Recall developed it’s current product line after years of research, feedback and beta testing. We are proud to be the only dedicated design agency for Emergency Medical Services and Fire Departments in the nation. We have worked with countless EMS agencies, Physicians, Educators, Paramedics and EMTs with a single mission in mind; to eliminate errors through clear communication before, during and after a call. Take a look at all our services, we’re here to help.

Design &


With over 28 years of design and photography experience, Vital-Recall Design Studios has the ability to take your project from concept to completion flawlessly. We handle ads, brochures, flyers, forms, maps, posters, booklets, trade show design elements, vehicle graphics, as well as studio, location and portrait photography. Call us before your next job or event, let us price it and show you what we can do.


Forms &



We offer a full range of printing services, offset, digital, short runs and long. We can also do vehicle graphics, trade show displays, banners, stickers, stationary, business cards and just about anything you can come up with. Our competitive advantage lies in our 10 year relationship with one of the largest trade printers in North America, our prices are quite simply unbeatable. Ask us for a quote on your next job, we’ll prove it to you.


& Hosting

Website design is one of our specialties. With the help of we are now able to offer high visibility, easy to use and edit HTML5 sites at a fraction of the price you would normally pay.

In fact the website you are looking at now was completely designed and assembled using in just six days! No more long waits and frustrating hosting issues, we do it all!

Branding & 

Logo Design

The public’s perception of your agency is often forged by your brand. It’s what you stand for and projects your credibility. At Vital-Recall we take branding seriously. We work quickly through computer concepting to present you with as many options as possible. Then we refine your final logo and deliver it in multiple formats...all copyright free!


The world of promotion can be a confusing place. So many products, so many vendors with varying quality standards and prices. Where do you start? Let us know about your event, an awards ceremony, a trade show, a community fund-raiser, we can guide you through the maze and come up with a cost effective solution while still delivering the goods.

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