Tactical Triage Sticker (Pack of 50)

Tactical Triage Sticker (Pack of 50)


A 50 pack of our water-proof 'Large Text' Tactical Triage stickers. Larger text fields, clean, easy to read single vital stats area, plus meds and allergy history. Great for 'grab and go' situations and potential active shooter situations. An easy to use, quick means of documenting patient's vitals without resorting to unsanitary glove scripting. Can be applied to skin, clothes (pant leg) or clipboards. It can even be placed on the patient in a triage situation.




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Vital-Recall products are designed to address the shortcomings in EMS scripting, especially “On Scene” and during medical transports.


Our mission is to eliminate medical errors through clear communication before, during and after a call.




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