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TCCC - 15 Cards -15 EPDM Bands & 1 Hyper-flex Clipboard

TCCC - 15 Cards -15 EPDM Bands & 1 Hyper-flex Clipboard


A Hybrid MIST - TCCC - Medevac - Triage - PCR form specifically designed for :

First Responders, Paramedics, Fire/Rescue Crews, Tactical EMS providers, SWAT Medics,

Cert Teams, Remote Medical Teams, Flight Medics, Military Operators, Mass Casualty Incidents, and Advanced EMS students.



Printed in full color on EndurACE 10pt UV protected Polymer sheets, with rounded no-catch corners


Waterproof, tearproof, flexible, foldable (4.25” x 5.5” pocket-sized), and smudge resistant


Able to be written on by pencil, ballpoint pen, and a sharpie marker, even while wet


Package includes fifteen (15) X-treme stretch 7” latex-free, EPDM bands for rapid attachment.


The form has standard run report fields (time, date, call #, unit #, location, patient Info, and allergies) 


Completely self-guided MOI (mechanism of Injury) chart


Color-coded self-guided Triage / Trauma protocol flow data fields - to keep you on track.


Rapid assessment body diagrams for injury locations and treatments


Five sets of vital sign collection fields to ensure baseline and trending documentation


Includes evacuation priority status, transport method and patient disposition (name of care facility)


Self-guided CAB treatment and Fluid/ Blood Product intervention section


Med / Analgesic administration and management record chart


Wide-spaced lines for scripting clear narrative notes



The defining factor of all Vital-Recall products is their ability to ‘self-guide’ the caregiver under extreme conditions. This ensures that they remember their care and safety protocols. It provides an effective way to transfer patient assessment/treatment data to the next caregiver. 


We have designed this ‘hybrid’ Trauma Casualty Care Card to replicate the already familiar DD1380 TCCC/ MIST forms used by our warfighters. After years of input and feedback from field operators, we have refined this Trauma Casualty Care Card to be the most complete, easy to use, and versatile patient assessment tool on the market.


Our mission is to provide exceptional assessment tools for pre-hospital care providers, fire departments, and law enforcement agencies nationwide.


Vital-Recall stands behind its products. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Made in the USA.


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