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Reusable Compact Self-guided Pocket PCRs (2 erasable all weather cards)

Reusable Compact Self-guided Pocket PCRs (2 erasable all weather cards)


The only one out there - - the REUSABLE  Compact Pocket PCR.

This is a Pre-PCR designed to follow the standard patient assessment flow at the time of call out. Using a permanent marker, included with the product, information is rapidly collected in an organized flow pattern and then easily erased with any alcohol wipe (samples included with the product) or hand sanitizer, so you are ready for the next call.


The ink will not smudge and dries instantly for use in all weather conditions.


Pertinent information like the Chief Complaint, PT¹s name, Age, and sex are in large, color coded, easy to read form fields. The Reusable Pocket PCR offers three vital sign fields and dispatch times on the front. The backside has fully guided SAMPLE & OPQRST assessment questions. This new form also

includes a special notes section and trauma location diagrams, perfect for documenting your findings.


This pocket Pre-PCR card is intuitive to fill out and easy to read,

making call reports to the hospital a breeze.


From the time of dispatch it's there with you. No more leaving the 'clipboard in the rig' or trying remember stats and vitals (a dangerous practice). This Vital-Recall Reusable Pocket PCR fits in any uniform pocket and can be clipped to your belt loop with the belt clip retractor reel, also included with the product. It will always be with you when you need it - - ensuring accurate and complete patient information. It is invaluable for your final SOAP ePCR write up.


It is quick and easy to clean - - using one alcohol pad or hand

sanitizer on a tissue, it is ready for the next call within seconds.

The new REUSABLE Pocket PCR is made from durable 30 mil. All-weather, Sani-Plastic, Width 3.9" x Height 5.4" - sized for all uniform pockets or ID badge holders. The package includes two identical Reusable Pocket PCR cards, a belt clip retractor reel, 10 large alcohol wipe samples, and one retractable permanent marker in black with an ultra fine point.  

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