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Complete EMT Student Training Pack

Complete EMT Student Training Pack


EMT Student Training Pack

  • The First Responder Student Training Pack was designed specifically for student EMRs, EMTs, and First Responders. The pack includes: 30 Complete Self -Guided Pocket EMT Pre-PCR forms, 4 Trauma and Medical Assessment Training Sheets, 10 Tactical Triage Stickers (Water Proof & Repositionable).
  • The Complete Pocket PCR offers three vital sign fields and dispatch/run times on the front. The back side has a fully guided SAMPLE & OPQRST assessment. This new form also includes a special notes section and trauma location diagrams, perfect for getting all the data from the Patient or caregiver.

    This compact PRE-PCR form is intuitive to fill out and easy to read making HEAR reports a breeze.

    From the time of dispatch it’s there with you, no more leaving the “clipboard in the rig” or remembering stats and vitals (a dangerous practice). 

    All Vital-Recall Pre-PCRs fit in your cargo pocket and serve you and your patient all the way to transfer and are invaluable for your final SOAP e-PCR write ups.

    The new Complete Pocket PCR form is printed in full color 

  • The Trauma and Medical Training Sheets include a full-color flow diagram that breaks down the assessment process into easy-to-understand color-coded sections. The back provides S.O.A.P., dispatch protocol, and a baseline vital reference chart. They are printed on water-resistant coated gloss thick text weight paper, full-color front and back, 8.5” x 11”.
  • Tactical Triage Stickers allow you to have both hands free when working with patients and equipment. An easy to use, quick means of documenting patient’s vitals without resorting to unsanitary glove scripting. They are easy to apply and repositionable. Water-resistant and smear-proof. Perfect for high-stress situations.
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