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Vital-Recall Mini Pocket PCR (25 Pack) 4.5” x 6.75.”

Vital-Recall Mini Pocket PCR (25 Pack) 4.5” x 6.75.”


Vital-Recall Mini Pocket PCR (25 Pack) 4.5” x 6.75.”


The Mini Pocket PCR was designed to follow standard dispatch info flow at the Time of call out. This allows rapid information collection in an organized flow pattern. The top of the form is specifically highlighted for ‘Scene’ location, Incident number, and Unit dispatched and Time of call.


Next, pertinent information like the Chief Complaint, PT’s name, Age, and sex are in large, color-coded, easy to read form fields.


The Mini Pocket PCR offers three complete vital sign fields along with a fully guided SAMPLE & OPQRST assessment. This mini form also includes medical history, current medications, and allergies fields. Additionally, there are special notes section and trauma location diagrams, perfect for getting all the data from the patient or caregiver.


This ultra-compact PRE-PCR form is intuitive to fill out and easy to read, making HEAR reports are a breeze.


From the Time of dispatch, it’s there with you, no more leaving the “clipboard in the rig” or remembering stats and vitals (a dangerous practice). 


These Mini Pocket PCRs fit in most uniform pockets and serve you and your Patient all the way to transfer. They are invaluable for your final SOAP-e-PCR write up.


The new Mini Pocket PCR form is printed on smooth heavy card stock and comes with a Hyper-Flex Mini clipboard. 4.6” W x 7.25” H. 

Refill packs of 100 are available for $12.00

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