Refill - 100 Pack - Rapid Transport PCR - No clipboard

Refill - 100 Pack - Rapid Transport PCR - No clipboard


Vital-Recall Rapid Transport PCR - Refill kit 5.5” x 8.5.”


The Rapid Transport Form - A super simple form designed for quick and easy documentation and patient transfer. An ideal form for CERT teams and Tactical EMS. This compact PRE-PCR form is also color coded and includes all information fields that are needed on a typical call or transport. The front facing trauma location diagrams are there for documenting all injuries even under the most stressful conditions. The Vital-Recall Pre-PCR fits in your cargo pocket and serves you and your patient all the way to transfer and final SOAP-ePCR/Incident write up.

Note: Refill packs do not include the hyper-flex memo clipboard.


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Vital-Recall products are designed to address the shortcomings in EMS scripting, especially “On Scene” and during medical transports.


Our mission is to eliminate medical errors through clear communication before, during and after a call.




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