Folding Pocket Pre-PCR 5.5"x8.5" 100 pack + Clipboard


The best of both worlds for 2019 - This is the first folding Pre-PCR, it folds down to just 4.25" x 5.5" (perfect for a pocket backup) and is printed on super heavy stock, so it's easy to write on while being held in one hand.

This form can also be used like all Vital-Recall products, on the mini clipboard. The Folding Pre-PCR offers more vital sign fields including EtCO2 and temp and a fully guided SAMPLE & OPQRST assessment form on the back, perfect for getting all the data from the PT. or caregiver.

This compact Pocket PRE-PCR form is also color coded and includes all information fields that are needed on a typical call or transport. It's intuitive to fill out and easy to read.

From the time of dispatch it's there with you, no more leaving the "clipboard in the rig" or remembering stats and vitals (a dangerous practice).

All Vital-Recall Pre-PCRs fit in your cargo pocket and serve you and your patient all the way to transfer and final SOAP-E-PCR write up.


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Vital-Recall products are designed to address the shortcomings in EMS scripting, especially “On Scene” and during medical transports.


Our mission is to eliminate medical errors through clear communication before, during and after a call.




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